Ensure Proper Steps For Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Ensure Proper Steps For Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 Laptop Keyboard Replacement

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This tutorial is solely dedicated for replacing the keyboard of Dell Inspiron N5110 Laptop model. The steps are not only simple but come with easy to understand tutorial video. Thus, after following the steps, it will not be hard for you to replace the old keyboard, with a completely new replacement. The steps are thoroughly discussed by leading professionals, associated with technical field, for quite some time now. Ensure that you have the correct tutorial near-hand, along with the replacement tools.


Proper steps to replace the old keyboard of Dell Inspiron N5110, 15r Series Laptop and install a new one, in its place are as follows:

First ( i ) : If you are completely new in this field, reading out the manual religiously, forms a major part. Without valid information, it is next to impossible to remove the worn out keyboard, and input a new one.

Second ( ii ) : Make sure to turn your system off, before removing the parts. Make sure that the laptop is not getting charged, or it is not plugged into the socket. If so, then immediately remove it, before dissecting the parts. 


Third ( iii ) : Open your laptop and share the keyboard section over any trash region or garbage can. This will help in dislodging any loose crumbs or dirt. You can even try and blow compressed air, over the area. Make sure to direct the air flow underneath the host device, and even between the keys.

Fourth ( iv ) : Apart from the blow drying the keyboard, you can even dampen any cotton ball with the help of isopropyl alcohol and wipe the exterior region, of the keyboard. Make sure to handle the keys carefully, as a little pressure might hamper its present condition.

Fifth ( v ) : After you have cleaned the old keyboard, close the lip once again. Next, take help of those handy tools and slide over the locking latch. There are primarily two locks available, and you need to follow the same procedure, for both of them.

Sixth ( vi ) :  Next, you need to turn the laptop in its original position, and open up the lid, for the last time. Take extra careful means while pressing the 4 keyboard clips, located at top row of the keyboard. These clips help in keeping the board, in its place. Once you have a press those, you can easily loosen up the keyboard, from its original place.


Seventh ( vii ) : Turn over the loose out keyboard, and unplug the cable, associated with it. After you have done this, attach the plug of new keyboard with the base of the laptop and press it in its original place. 


Make sure to follow these steps all again to attach the loose back of the laptop, in its original place. The procedures are quite simple, and it will not take more than few minutes of your time, to complete the procedure & you can easily replace your dell inspiron n5110 keyboard. If you have any slight problem, while following these steps, reliable professionals are always ready to help you out.