How to Replace The Heatsink Cpu Cooling Fan of Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 Laptop

How to Replace The Heatsink Cpu Cooling Fan of Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 Laptop

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Through this tutorial, guide you through the simple steps of installing and replacing the cooling fan of Dell Inspiron N5110 Laptop. Make sure to keep essentials like the screwdrivers and other pivotal tools handy, so that you can use these, whenever you need the urgency. The easy to follow DIY tips come with tutorial video, for a clear explanation. This manual guide will have 9 steps to replace the Dell Inspiron N5110 Laptop Heatsink CPU Cooling Fan.



Check out the vital steps, which can help in removing the cooling fan from Dell Inspiron N5110 15r Laptops/Notebooks, and replace it with a new make or version:


First (i) : Being a novice, it is hard for you to arrange the tools and start the procedure, without any external help. Therefore, it is mandatory to devote some time and start reading the manual guidelines. It will not only help you to stay abreast with the proper steps, but can ensure reliable safety measures, for your use. Any part replacement should be done with removing the battery first. Ensure your laptop is turned off before you start the procedure.

Second (ii) : Dell laptops are available with locking latch, for easy accessibility. Ensure to slide the lock over, and follow the same step for the next lock, to remove the battery out.

Third (iii) : For the next step, you must loosen the door screw, with extra care. Remove the accessible door and separate the memory. Now remove the optical drive. You must follow the same way for removing bottom base screws.


Fourth (iv) : After these vital steps, you have to turn the laptop over with care, and open the clip. Press 4 separate keyboard clips, for loosening the board. Next, you have to turn the keyboard over, and unplug the associated cable.


Fifth (v) : You should keep the screwdrivers handy, as you will need them now to remove palm rest screws. This will help you with extra space and unplugging the associated cables. 


Sixth (vi) : Now, it is time for you to take extra advice and unplug LCD cable and antenna cables. The screwdrivers can act as the most effective tool now as you have to remove read switch and unplug speakers. 


Seventh (vii) : For this step, remove motherboard screws, and start unplugging the fan. Be extra careful, while lifting the motherboard, from the base region. It can help you to loosen heatsink screws and remove it, from the laptop base.


Eighth (viii) : For the primary note, you need to replace thermal pads or compound, attached with the heatsink and CPU.  It is better to take help of leading professional help, for the same. 


Ninth (ix) : For the last and final step, always remember to tighten up the screws, attached with heatsinks. For that, you have to follow the same order as listed on heatsink.

By following these methods, it will hardly take few minutes of your time to replace the old dell inspiron n5110 heatsink cooling fan and replace it with a new one. Just make sure to follow the norms religiously, and ask the experts, in case any problem arises. After you have replaced the product, you can follow the same instructions and put the loose parts, back in their respective places.