Pivotal Steps Associated With Proper 15r, M5010, N5010 Laptop/Notebooks LCD Cable Installation & Removal

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In this Dell tutorial, you are likely to know ways to install as well as replace LCD cable, on Dell Inspiron 15R. These instructions are made easy in simple steps, by well-known professionals. Moreover, for the betterment of clients, you can even look for the video tutorials, which can show you on ways to install LCD cable of associated Dell Inspiron 15R. These instructions are meant for three different models, and these are M501R, N5010 and M5010. 
Eminent tools used for the proper laptop repairing services

Listed below, are some of the prominent steps, associated with removal and installation of LCD cable:

First ( i ) : Turn over your laptop to remove the battery. You need to slide the locking hatch in the unlocked manner or position. Make sure to keep your toolbox handy, and slide the battery latch over.  Now, it’s time to take the battery out from the laptop.
Second  ( ii ) : Loosen the screw regions of door, and remove it from the base. This is also called the access door. Ensure to get hold of the screws in a small container.
Third ( iii ) : Once the access door is removed, for this third step, you will be required to removing the bottom hinge screws.  Remove the screws using flat screwdrivers. Make sure to handle the drivers with care, as a single mishandling can ruin the cables, permanently.
Fourth ( iv ) : According to the Dell manufacturing unit, there are some models available, which will not take hold of the keyboard screws. On the other hand, some might have 1, and others will have two screws. The location of optional screw is placed just above the nameplate, placed at the bottom of the laptop.
Fifth ( v ) : For the bottom of the laptop, you need to remove the four significant screw covers. Next, remove the available bottom palm rest screws.
Sixth ( vi ) : Ensure to turn the laptop upside down and open the back cover. With the help of a flat screwdriver or scribe, press the available four latches. It will help the keyboard to lift up.
Seventh ( vii ) : Take careful measures while lifting up the keyboard. Unplug the associated cable and remove the keyboard. Remove the palm screws, placed just under the board and unplug the additional rest cables.  
Eight ( viii ) : For this step, you have to unplug both the antenna and display cables. Unscrew the left and right hinge screws, and lift the display.
Ninth ( xi ) :  Remove the display screws, and lift the screen partially. Unplug the camera cable and LCD cable from backside of the screen.

With the help of these points, it will be easy for you to look for the right steps and remove the LCD cable. Keep your toolbox near your hand and follow the steps, religiously.