Steps To Follow While Looking For N5010, M501R, M5010 15R Laptop LCD Back Cover Installation & Removal

Steps To Follow While Looking For N5010, M501R, M5010 15R Laptop LCD Back Cover Installation & Removal

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With the help of tutorial of Dell Inspiron, you are likely to know the ways to replace as well as install the back cover of LCD assembly on the related 15R of Dell Inspiron. The installation instructions are made into few simple and easy steps. You can even check out the video tutorial, which shows you different ways to install the LCD back cover assembly. 
These steps are provided by none other than leading professionals, and mechanics, associated with Dell laptops, for more than a decade now. No matter how old your laptop or PC is, these steps are meant for all M15 models, associated with Dell manufacturing units.

Listed below, are some of the important removal and installation instructions, for you to follow.

First ( i ) : For the primary step, turn the laptop and slide locking latch of the battery to an unlocking segment. You are required to slide latch region and keep the battery out from the laptop.


Second ( ii ) : You need to loosen the screw of the access door to remove the backside of the door, situated near the base region. Ensure that you keep a container handy to keep the screws safe. 


Third ( iii ) : Make sure to remove button hinge screws, and remove the screws.


Fourth ( iv ) : There are some Dell laptops available, which will not use keyboard screws. Some might have one or two. You need to remove the four screw covers, on the laptop’s bottom. Take help of best tools and remove the bottom palm screws. 


Fifth ( v ) : Turn the laptop and open it. Use a flat screwdriver, and press it near the four latches. This will help the keyboard to lift up. Carefully lift it and turn it over. Unplug the cable and remove the board, from laptop.


Sixth ( vi ) : Ensure to remove the rest of the screws, placed just under keyboard. Unplug the palm rest cables and unsnap the rest from laptop. You are now required to unplug display cable and antenna cables. 


Seventh ( vii ) : Unscrew the left hinge screws and right hinge screws. Make sure to lift the display and move it away from the laptop. Carefully lift the bezel’s edge and unsnap it around the screen edge.


Eighth ( viii ) : For this step, you have to remove the screws of display section. Lift the LCD screen partially, and unplug the cable, associated with camera.


Ninth ( ix ) : Remove the camera and screen. Attach the remaining piece with the back assembly.  

After removing the back cover, you can use the same procedures for installing a new one. Ensure to take help of only reliable tools and equipment, and with extra precautionary measures. Once you are completely satisfied with the installation process, and the back cover is placed perfectly, you can turn the laptop over and ready to use it. 
Be extra careful while dealing with the cables of keyboards. If torn, the entire set needs to be replaced. Thus, make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps religiously, after going through the points carefully.