Follow the Prominent Steps to replace Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Heatsink CPU Cooling fan

Follow the Prominent Steps to replace Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Heatsink CPU Cooling fan

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In this tutorial, you will come to know more about the replacement procedure of Dell inspiron N5010 Laptop Heatsink CPU Cooling fan. Make sure to stay safe and handle the components carefully. Moreover, keep the screwdrivers at place, as you would need it for attaching the replacement parts. You can even take a look at the video tutorial available, which shows you the correct steps to install the heatsink fan.


One basic tools required for replacing and installing Heatsink Cooling Fans would be a head screwdriver.

Follow the major steps, which can help you through the entire procedure:

First ( 1 ) : For a primary step, you need to turn the laptop and slide the battery locking latch to unlock the battery. Make sure to slide battery latch over to easily remove it so as to place it out of the host device.


Second ( ii ) : Next, you have to lose the screw carefully of the access door. Try to separate the chips of the memory card, and follow this procedure for the second round, as well.


Third ( iii ) : Please ensure to remove the bottom hinge screws carefully, as you need to take proper care of the screws, for later use. You need to remove the screw hole covers, located at the bottom of the laptop. Apart from that, it is better to remove optical drive lock and hard drive screws, easily.


Fourth ( iv ) : You now just have to flip the laptop at its original place and open the outer cover, with care. Press the keyboard clips down to before you use a flathead screwdriver, which will help you to lift up the keyboard.


Fifth ( v ) : Once you have lift the keyboard up, carefully flip it over to further unplug the keyboard cable. Do not forget to safeguard your hands, while unplugging the keyboard cable. It will help you to remove the keyboard section, from the laptop.


Sixth ( vi ) : After you are free from the keyboard region, flip back the keyboard. The next step is to remove the base screws, located just below the keyboard. Note that these will be a total of 7 screws.


Seventh ( vii ) :  Now flip the laptop again to the front to remove 5 palm cables & rest screws. You have to now unplug the remaining 3 palm rest cables. Make sure to take extra care, while unsnapping the palm rest, from the host device.

Eight ( viii ) : Take help of your fingers to carefully unsnap the palm rest and lift the palm rest. 


Nine ( ix ) : Now, it is time to return to the unscrewed procedure, once again. Unscrew the left hinge and right hinge screws, first. This will make space for you to lift the display, from the base of this electronic gadget. 


Ten ( x ) : Well, this step is quite crucial. Unplug the LCD cable. You need to unplug display cable and the associated antenna cables.


Eleven ( xi ) : Remove the left and the right hinge screws. This will now easily help you remove the LCD display screen.


Twelve ( xii ) : Flip the laptop to carefully remove the middle cover and unplug the VGA USB cable, associated with the circuit board. Next is to unplug both speakers and SD card reader.


Thirteen ( xiii ) : Remove the 2 motherboard screws. After lifting the motherboard, unplug cooling fan. Note that, at this stage, your motherboard is completely separated from the base. With the help of screws, you can easily separate motherboard from the heatsink fan. 


Fourteen ( xiv ) :  Now turn the locking screw counter clockwise and remove the CPU from the mother board. 


Replace the old dell inspiron n5010 laptop cpu heatsink cooling fan with a new one, and your laptop will start working as good as new. However, make sure to devote some extra time and replace the thermal compound on the heatsink.