How to Install and Remove Speakers from Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 Laptop ?

How to Install and Remove Speakers from Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 Laptop ?

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Through this tutorial, you’ll be able to learn the installation and removal of the Dell Inspiron N5110 speakers. However, be very careful while handling such electric components and keep all the screwdrivers carefully at a safe place, as they would be used again to set back your laptop at its previous position.

Following are the steps that are provided to help you through the whole process:

First (1) : Note that if you are doing it for the first time, it is suggested to go slow, read each instruction step carefully and follow as guided. To start with, make sure your laptop is switched off. Turn over your laptop carefully.

Second (2) : Now slide the locking latch, to unlock/open it up. Some laptops have 2 latches. Carefully see the latches and unlock them. Once you unlock, it will now become easy for you to remove the battery. 

Third (3) : You just now need to lift the battery to take out. Whenever you remove/install a new part of the laptop, it is always recommended to first remove the battery. 


Fourth (4) : Now reach up to the other door and unscrew its bolts. You can now easily remove the access door.


Fifth (5) : Now remove the optical drive from the side panel. You would require a screwdriver to push the optical drive, so as to easily remove it.


Sixth (6) : For the next step, unbolt all the screws at the middle and at the bottom base. Ensure you keep a small container handy to keep the screw safe. 


Seventh (7) : Now flip over your laptop again carefully. Ensure that you are doing this on your laps. It is suggested to do this on a clean table, so as to avoid any physical damage to the laptop.
Eighth (8) : Using the plastic scribe, loosen the keyboard by pressing the 4 keyboard clips. 


Ninth (9) : Now turn the keyboard over and unplug keyboard cable. You would require a flat head screwdriver to do this. 


Ten (10) : Then remove the screws of the palm-rest area followed by unplugging the palm-rest cables. Note that the cables are locked, which needs to be unlocked to remove them easily. 


Eleven (11) : Carefully remove this palm-rest off the base.


Twelve (12) : It’s time to unplug the LCD and the antenna cables


Thirteen (13) : Now remove the hinge screws. This will now, help you easily remove LCD display assembly.


Fourteen (14) : Remove the middle cover and un-plug the speaker cables.


Fifteen (15) : After removing the motherboard screws plug out the fan and take out the motherboard


Sixteen (16) : Now, finally you are there! Simply clip off the speakers clips to remove the speakers


Follow these simple steps to remove your dell n5110 speakers and you’ll reach your final destination very easily. Now to install the parts back to the laptop, same procedures are to be followed back forth.