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27 Feb / 2017

What To Expect From Air Condition Services in Delhi

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Delhi summers are the biggest challenge when it comes to maintaining a cool temperature inside the homes. Despite trying cool drinks, comfy clothes, and air conditioned atmosphere, summers can really pay havoc on your skin and health. Therefore, a good air conditioner is a must that not only stabilizes the temperature inside your room but works properly without any need to service it on a regular basis. 

15 Nov / 2016

How to Charge your Laptop Battery for Long Life

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Batteries are quite similar to humans in the aspect of dying, eventually, every battery loses the ability to charge and often users forget that and use their laptops rashly and forget to take care of the battery.  As everything in this era has turned digital most of the work is carried out in laptop or computer and think what will happen if your battery suddenly dies? It will not only hinder your day to day life but will affect you financially as well because replacement of the battery is an expensive process. 

How To Fix Pen Drive Not Detected Error?
01 Dec / 2015

How To Fix Pen Drive Not Detected Error?

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Pen drive, in general, is a data storage device which stores data. This is done with the help of a flash memory together with an integrated USB interface. Nowadays, your computer features several USB ports to which you normally connect keyboard, mouse, printer etc. In addition, you use external hard drives or pen drive to connect directly to the USB port.

At times, it could be the case that your pen drive is not detected by the PC or faces other technical issues. When you plug-in the USB drive or pen drive, you get this message: “USB device not recognized”. So, what to do in this situation?

27 Jan / 2015

Laptop Batteries and How to Enhance their Life

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While it is a utopian thought to apply the Moore’s law to laptop battery life still science has always managed to amaze us and you never know when a dream might become a reality.

A genuinely good laptop would always fulfill the criteria of having a great battery life. A poor battery can be the kryptonite to a super-laptop. When it comes to good battery lives HP laptop batteries are one of the most enduring ones on the market currently. The combined efficiency of the HP battery and the processor gives a lasting and uninterrupted user experience

20 Jan / 2015

Pivotal Steps Associated With Proper 15r, M5010, N5010 Laptop/Notebooks LCD Cable Installation & Removal

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In this Dell tutorial, you are likely to know ways to install as well as replace LCD cable, on Dell Inspiron 15R. These instructions are made easy in simple steps, by well-known professionals. Moreover, for the betterment of clients, you can even look for the video tutorials, which can show you on ways to install LCD cable of associated Dell Inspiron 15R. These instructions are meant for three different models, and these are M501R, N5010 and M5010. 
Eminent tools used for the proper laptop repairing services

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